19 March 2014

How to use Irish News Archive ...

Hi all. Now, some more ISL information for you if you're interested in researching Deaf history.

One place to look that's packed with rich and plentiful references to Deaf people is newspapers. In times gone by, old newspapers had long, detailed articles that covered Deaf people's experiences in court, or talking about the Cabra Deaf schools (St Mary's and St Joseph's), class reunions and so on.

You can go to the National Library which pretty much has all the newspapers published in Ireland to date, or you could try a website called IrishNewsArchive.com. Both resources are good, particularly the website. You pay 10 euro for a 24 hour period of access to the site, within which you can search, explore, read articles, and save them. Just last night I paid the money and have since found some new information already!

So now, let me show you how to use the site...

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