12 March 2014

Institutions - Which Ones? ... and Reflexivity


Sorry for the top of my head being cut off in the last vlog!

To clarify: What are the 'institutions' I will be talking about?

I'll be looking at both state and private (charity) institutions.

1) Schools
2) Courts and Law
3) Workhouses
4) Prisons
5) Mental Institutions / Lunatic Asylums

At the moment I am beginning to focus on ideas around reflexivity in my research - who am I? So here are some aspects of who I am...

 - I have been an interpreter for 9 years
 - I do not come from a Deaf family
 - I've been working with the Deaf community for about 15 years
 - I did a Master's thesis in DCU about Deaf politics
 - I worked on Hands On as a researcher for two years
 - I worked in the Irish Deaf Society as Administrator
 - I received my Interpreting Diploma from CDS in 2005, so I've been a professional interpreter for 9 years now.

So that's me; a quick summary anyway. What I'm hoping to do now is investigate who 'I' am a little further. The biases and baggage I may bring to my research, and also the crucial discussion of power when it comes to research processes and production.

Obviously the aspects of 'me' I have outlined here will all need examination and dissection over the coming months! I'm looking forward to it!

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