28 April 2020

Irish History Podcast: "A History of the Deaf Community in Ireland" - ISL version

"The Deaf community are rarely mentioned in general histories of Ireland. Prior to making this episode I knew almost nothing about their rich history. In this podcast I interview the historian Cormac Leonard from Trinity College Dublin. Cormac reveals a fascinating history of the Deaf Community in Ireland."

I was very honoured to be asked by Fin Dwyer of the Irish History Podcast to do an interview about my PhD research work. The podcast is available on audio, but here is an ISL version. The YouTube link also has CC closed captions. 

Thanks so much Fin for the opportunity to present about Irish Deaf History. I hope you all enjoy it. I would love any comments or questions.


  1. Hi Cormac. I absolutely loved this podcast (as I do all of Fin's podcasts.) Very eye-opening, interesting and educational. I have a question for you if you do not mind.

    I've been researching St. Mary’s School and I was wondering, how would a child in late 19th century, especially a child from the slums of Dublin or working class, attend this school?

    Was it paid or free? Did they live there? I've been writing a historical novel this last while, a character has a 9 year old deaf sister 1892, and I'm trying to build a small insight to the world of this girl. Communication with members of family without schooling and so on.

    Any information would be highly appreciated. Or links to articles.

    Thank you and thanks again for this wonderful podcast.

    Stephen Byrne

    1. Hiya Stephen

      Drop me an email at cleonard@tcd.ie and I'll do my best to respond!