12 May 2020

Ireland's First Deaf Interpreter in Court - 1863 in Cork?

ISL video, English voice and CC closed captions

Did the first recorded example of a Deaf interpreter in court happen in 1863 in Cork? Timothy Donovan is in court for theft. An interpreter named John Good is brought in to interpret for him. But John Good interprets 'through another mute', according to a different newspaper. Does this mean a Deaf interpreter?

I reference Graham O'Shea's MA thesis on Cork's Deaf history in this vlog: Graham O’Shea, ‘A History of Deaf in Cork: Perspectives on Education, Language, Religion and Community’ (Unpublished M.Phil. Thesis, University College Cork, 2010).

Source: Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier, 7 March 1863
Source: Cork Constitution, 7 March 1863, p. 4

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